Blizzard of 2013 — Impressive

I’m writing this while the blizzard ranges in the Northeast.  In Boston, it’s officially in within the top 10 all time storms, with a chance of having the highest snowfall of all time.

Also, being a weather geek, I really like the latest version of Intellicast for the iPad.   What makes it unique?  They have a feature that shows surface wind motion in real-time.  I’ve attached a screenshot of the nor’easter.  I took it 30 minutes ago:


In this, you can see the rotation.  It’s not even close to the impact of seeing it in motion.

So, if you have an iPad, search for Intellicast in the App Store and download it.  You also need to enable the “wind motion (surface)” map layer:


Stay safe and warm if you’re in the Northeast.  Oh, and HAPPY SLEDDING!!

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  1. beachlover1121

    That’s cool to see it in motion. Glad I have a generator to partially power my apartment. The heat is coming up slowly. Enjoy FL!

    Sent from my iPhone

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