Yeeha! Google Maps has released for the iPhone …

For all of you who updated your iOS device to iOS 6 and found the new Apple Maps app wanting, Google has released it’s maps app for the iPhone (interesting that it hasn’t bee released in an iPad version, though I suspect that will follow).

imagesI’ve just downloaded it and it’s a welcome improvement, though Apple in their infinite wisdom doesn’t provide a method to make it the default solution, which is frustrating.  It’s also an upgrade from the original app that has turn-by-turn directions added to the already comprehensive features that include walking and public transportation directions.  Also, it appears to be much more accurate and updated than Apple Maps.

I’ve not had any time to play with it in earnest, but others have.  So, here’s a list of reviews:

There are many, many more, but you get the picture.

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  1. Joseph Schwartz

    Thanks, Greg.

    All things come, to those that wait – if you wait long enough.


    Sent from my iPhone

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