FLASH: GoDaddy websites and emails are DOWN — RESOLVED

UPDATE: Sept. 12, 8:40 AM EDT — If you are a GoDaddy customer, you know that as of my last update, things have stabilized.   As expected, it took several hours for emails that were held up in the system to get delivered properly.  I say “as expected”, because given the normal flood of email traffic flying around the Net, a large actor like GoDaddy being down can gum things up until things return to normal and all the servers holding messages get the ability to push the messages to the next server in the list (an average email message is routed through several different servers between the sender and the addressee).   Assuming each server that handles email on the Net each had thousands of messages in their queue, it will take a while for things to normalize.

I just received a mea culpa from the company for my accounts.  In it, they blame corruption to their routing tables due to a problem internal to the company as the reason for the issue, effectively side-stepping the question as to whether an external actor like Anonymous was at fault.

UPDATE: 6:07 PM EDT — It appears that GoDaddy sites and email is coming back.  I’ve noticed that I’m getting emails again, though there seems to be a few hour gap in emails.  I don’t know if I simply haven’t gotten emails or whether the servers are backed up and they will come over night.

UPDATE: 5:00 PM EDT – Here’s a good description about what appears to be happening:


If you get your domain or email from Godaddy.com (like sadly, I do), you’ve probably noticed that you’re not getting anywhere.  Connections to their DNS servers (their domain name resolution servers) are failing.  Though it’s not clear exactly what is going on with them, the self-proclaimed anarchy group Anonymous has claimed responsibility.

This is one reasons why having alternative email accounts can be very useful.

I’ll post updates as I get them.

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