Tech Tidbit: MobileMe vanishes June 30th

This is only applicable for folks who were MobileMe users.

As you’re probably aware, Apple’s MobileMe service ( has been replaced by iCloud (    If you are a MobileMe customer, you should have received a notice on June 1st from Apple announcing that MobileMe is getting shut down at the end of the month.  Here’s the notice if you didn’t get it:

To transfer to iCloud, there are two steps (see this article for an overview).  The first is to create an iCloud account which uses your iTunes credentials.  You’ll then have the option to transfer several of the MobileMe features to iCloud, including mail, contacts, calendar and web shortcuts.  My guess is that you’ve already done this step.

The second step is to move any data on iDisk, Gallery and possibly iWeb hosting off MobileMe.  For iWeb hosting, see this article for information about how to transfer your website.  For Gallery content, you’ll need to insure at the least it is safe on your local disk.  For Mac users, this should be pretty straightforward, in that the probably were synced from iPhoto, however insure that the sync is done.  For PC users, this might be a little more complicated.  See this article for more information on safeguarding your Gallery content.

Finally, on iDisk, you’ll need to copy off your data.  Your choice here is to copy it locally or onto an alternate Cloud provider (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive).   I’d recommend copying all your data locally first, then deciding what you’d like to do.  For instructions for copying the data locally on Macs and PCs, see this article.

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