Welcome to The Family HelpDesk

The purpose of this blog is to provide insights and resources for someone within a household to provide help desk services for the rest of the household.  Most of these topics will also apply to small businesses.

With the explosion of home networking, networked devices, etc., there is a need for someone within the household  (or business) to be able to configure, maintain, diagnose and insure that the systems are working properly, legally and securely.  Furthermore, this person needs to work with the others in the household to insure that they are not taking actions to undermine the legality, security and proper operation of the household network.  This is no small task!  However, if you are interested in technology, it can be a lot of fun.

The Boston Globe had an article on just this subject a couple weeks ago.  In it they state:

In 2012, with laptops and desktops to maintain, gaming systems to upgrade, e-readers to configure, pictures to store, share and back up, music and videos to manage, wireless routers to set up, contacts to migrate, printers to unjam, software to keep up to date, viruses to fight, smartphones to program, apps to download, and parental controls to wrestle with, it’s come to this: Every home needs its own tech support.

So, over the next few weeks, I’ll start to populate this blog with articles on this topic.   I plan to include posts on the following topics :

  • Home networking — How to set up and maintain a reliable and safe home network
  • Security and privacy — How to secure your devices.  Also, issues around both security and privacy.
  • Data protection — How to insure that you have your photos, financial records, etc. even if you have a disk crash or theft.
  • Social networking — What are the various challenges in social networking?
  • Mobile computing — What are the special concerns when traveling?
I hope these posts enlighten and will encourage you to maximize the benefits offered by these technologies that we have brought (or are considering bringing) into our homes.

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